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Welcome To Terengganu

Kite flying is a popular traditional pastime in Terengganu, especially during harvest time. Apart from the performance and appearance, the sound it makes when flying is considered important as well.

There are various types of kites such as wau kuching (cat kite), wau merak (peacock kite), and wau bulan (moon kite). Each kite also comes with a different design and size. The mark of a good kite is one that rises quickly and remains flying, no matter what the whims of the wind may be.

The colourful kites are played in the open paddy fields and along the sandy beaches. These places are suitable for flying kites because there are no trees or tall structures around. In fact, the wind blows strongly in these places. Normally, the wau is played after the paddy harvesting seasons or when the fishermen cannot go to fishing due the conditions of the sea. The best time to play the wau is in August and September.

The ulek mayang is a pre-Islamic religious trance dance accompanied by singing and music…

Welcome To Johor

OHOR - The most Southern tip of the Continent of Asia. Unforgettably beautiful with enormous rainforests dripping with parasite vines competing for sunlight and islands with coral gardens....

This Portal is an e-magazine guide for everyone who wants to know more about Johor. Comprises detailed business listings for business travelers and exhibitors, tourists attractions and events throughout the year. There are also links to URLs of many business sites like hotels, car rental, restaurants, etc.

In order to give you a better understanding of Johor state, there are many interesting and colorful photos for your viewing.



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