How to make bubur jagung

Everytime she makes bubur jagung for her family, i would usually get a bowl of it for she knows that I love....really love the bubur jagung that she makes. But what if the day I want to eat it and she's not making any?. I can't just wait for her to make it everytime so I finaly decided that it's time for me to learn how to make the bubur jagung myself, and she's kind enough to personally come to my house ( like the programme 'take home chef ' tu )to show me how it is done.

first, you need, of course, the jagung, the younger they are, the better, peel the skin off, and grate them..

then, boil about a handful of glutinuous rice aka beras pulut in a big bowl with sufficient water.

meanwhile, soak about half a cup of sago with water. please take note that this recipe is all based on 'agak-agak' no exact quantity because they all depend on the size of your corns. mine is about RM1 each and I used 5 jantung of jagungs. So, if you are the 'not so sure type' like me who doesn't really know to agak2, worry not, do give it a try because, the taste is worth the agak2, something you wouldn't want to miss

when the water has boiled, add more water because this time you are going to add in the corns and they need plenty of water. let it boil and this time, add in the soaked sago into the jagung mixture and stir, and stir and stir....

with the sago already in, let it boil once again, and this time add in gula melaka. how many you would ask me? I don't know what you called it, but back in my kampung, we called it 'kerek', 3 kerek nisse, or 3 pieces of that brownish thingy called gula melaka, you see the size in the picture, it's about 3 inches in diameter? I just guess cos I never measure them...:-)
followed by about 1/2 tsp of salt which I or we later added more, to make it more creamy. Or should I say, add in salt to taste, couldn't really specify the quantity. I am not of much help, aren't I? but that's what this recpe is all about. It's all about agak2, which when you come to think of it, it kinda put me off from making this bubur jagung again, but then again, i might be thinking twice about not doing it again because it taste soooo gooood that I wouldn't mind doing it the agak-agak way:-)wait wait, I forgot one little thing, add in 3 tbsp of condensed milk too ( but this is optional).

okay, what next? Add in milk coconut aka santan, about RM1 worth of it..

at this point, you keep on stirring, and stirring.... and stirring until....( please take note, this is the time when you started tasting it, to see if it has the right taste, the right sweetness, the right saltiness, the creaminess, ie whether you would decie to add in more salt ( for the creaminess)or perhaps another 1 1/2 tbsp of sugar ( for additional sweetness).

finally, this is what it looks like, looks can be deceiving okay, it might not look that scrumptious but wait till you taste it, it's creamy, corny ( yes, made from corns all right), lemak with pulut and sago and santan.....uuhh, i could feel the taste in my mouth even when I'm writing this.....tak tahaaaann...

by the way, here's the ingredients required for this luvly juvly bubur jagung:
5 jantung jagung muda

a handful of glutinuous rice/beras pulut
1/2 cup of small sago
3 pieces of gula melaka
RM1 santan/coconut milk
1 1/2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp condensed milk
salt to taste

Happy cooking!


d_LA said…
wahhhhh bubur jagung!!! i like!!!
mcm ni lah said…
nyum nyum sedap nyerr i follow you
terimakasih resepnya, jadi penasaran mau mencoba membuatnya, sepertinya enak juga ya, salam ukhuwah sahabat.
Queenie said…
hmm...sedap ni untuk juadah berbuka puasa...

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