Pahang Lake Chini Tour

Motorboat Ride, Orang Asli, Nature

This tour will bring you to explore the mysterious and magical Lake Chini, a natural lake surrounded by verdant rainforest that teems with many mythical legends. Chief among the myths surrounding this lake is that a dragon, called ‘Naga’, lives inside this lake, the equivalent of a Loch Ness monster. Others believe that an ancient Khmer city lies submerged at the bottom of the lake.

Whether fact of fiction, Lake Chini is a fantastic place to explore the wonders of nature and wildlife. We will ride on a out-board motorboat to reach Lake Chini through the river while passing under ancient trees that form a thick canopy of shade.

We will also visit an Aborigine (Orang Asli) settlement where the natives will show you their lifestyle and way of hunting using blow-pipes. When in season, you can also see lotus flowers blooming, spreading a pink hue across parts of the lake.


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