The Wondrous Caves

One of the most majestic white marble and limestone towers in Malaysia is the Gunung Tempurung. Concealed within this limestone massif is an intricate system of caves of various dimensions honeycombed inside the limestone hills. These caves are actually a breathtaking gallery of stalagmites and stalactites and other amazing rock formations which are superb speleogical wonders found only in this part of the world.

Tempurung Caves is located in Gopeng, Perak and can be reached from the North-South Highway by exiting through the Gopeng interchange (about 25km south of Ipoh).

Be prepared to enjoy the tranquility of rural village lifestyles as you drive by. You'll will see how simplicity works wonders in creating peace and harmony for the gentlefolks there. Truly a unique society, the social values here are only to earn an honest wage and help one another.

After you pass the village, you will pass through numerous former tin mining properties that have been converted into duck and fish farming activities. There are enough directional signboards that lead to the caves (Gua Tempurung) as soon as you clear the Gopeng Interchange.

Believed to have existed since early 8000 B.C., Gua Tempurung is probably the largest natural limestone structure in Malaysia.

Explore Perak's best-kept secret, the Tempurung Caves. One of the most majestic white marble and limestone towers in Malaysia. Concealed within the massif structure is an intricate system of caves filled with various combed dimensions.

Known to the locals as Gua Tempurung, the name conjures images of mystery and intrigue that ensures a peek into its deep and dark secrets. It comprises of five huge domes with ceilings resembling coconut shells.
Each of these domes have different calcium formations and marble that exist in differing temperatures and water levels.

These caves are famous for its breathtaking gallery of stalagmites, stalactites and other amazing rock formations that are superb speleological wonders, found only in this part of the world.

There are various tours into the caves being the main attraction here. These caves are located under the limestone hills and form tunnels that runs from east to west, nearly 1.9km in length.

Visitors can experience these tours with specific requirements of prior preparation. Certain tours such as the River Adventure Tours require visitors to bring a change of clothes and shoes. Torch lights and safety helmets are available for rent.


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